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A Modular Panel for demanding productions. Each panel is close to 20"x20"

LED Resolutions


LED resolution is expressed in millimeters between each LED, so the smaller the number, the higher the resolution. By choosing the right viewing distance for the room can help to maximize your budget.

2.6 mm

There's only 2.6 mm between each pixel on this resolution, so when you stand only 10' away, it looks fantastic!​

2.9 mm

A 2.6 mm panel looks best when viewed at 20' or further, so if your first row of people will be that far away, you'll love this resolution.

3.9 mm

At 3.9 mm between each pixel, this resolution would look great to anyone 30' or further away.

4.8 mm

If your closest viewer is 40' away, a 4.8 mm resolution will serve you quite well.


1. Minimum Viewing Distance

One of the first things to consider when choosing an LED solution is to think about how far away the closest person will view the screen on an average day. Once you know that distance, you’ll know what resolution to look for.

For example, if the LED wall will be in a church auditorium and the front row is 30′ from the screen, a 3.9mm resolution will serve you well. On the other hand, if the viewer is only 10′ away, you’ll want something with a higher resolution like 2.6mm.

2. Desired Screen Size & Aspect Ratio

What are you going to put on the screen (words, videos, image magnification, wayfinding directions, etc)? This answer along with the viewing distance will help you determine what size and resolution makes the most sense for your application. The Aspect ratio of 16:9 can be achieved on any screen size without distortion. Our professionals will help guide you through what programs or processors are needed.

Popular Screen Sizes + Prices

Each panel is 20″ x 20″ and panels can be connected to each other to make all kinds of shapes and sizes! They can be permanently installed or, depending on the size, could be made mobile by installing them on our large HD carts or on mobile folding carts!*

* Video processor, shipping, and installation, and mobile carts are available at an additional cost. Questions? We’d love to talk to you!

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