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  • Controller doesn't work
    Install drivers for the xbox controller.
    Too far out of range (around a 30 ft max for xbox controller).
    Power up x button on controller before starting character, once up and running without use the wireless device will go to sleep. It will turn back on after pushing x button.

  • Controller doesn't work on a Mac
    Install Mac specific software for xbox controller click here
    Recommend trying test file before purchase. (See specs.)

    It seems that the usb charger does not send data, only charges. You need the wireless dongle for this to work.

    *Officially the Xbox controller do not support apple products but with this shareware controller driver it seems to work fine. Please support shareware.

  • Test file doesn't run right
    Update video card (See specs.)

  • Will it work on older systems
    Possibly. We haven't done testing on all systems. That is why we provide the free test files for you. (See specs.)

  • Can custom setups of old or new characters be created
    Absolutely. We do have two price options for these. 1. Exclusive usage (only sold to you and nobody else.) 2. Development cost (enabling us to resell.)

  • Audio setup through tv is has lag and/or lots of echo
    From our tests tv's in general seem to process audio slowly. Running through a pa is always best to mimimize lag. Echo can come from cheaper microphones running through tv in smaller rooms.

  • Video Monitor Issues
    The puppet runs through the primary monitor only. The primary is always default. Your workarounds are to "mirror" your primary monitor if you need it to run through a secondary. Also you can split the primary source going into a switcher with a box. Here are some free software versions that can help.
  • For PC you can also use the "Windows + Shift + Left/Right keys"
  • For MAC push Command-F1 to toggle between video mirroring. Also use Command-F2 to detect displays.
  • For MAC here is a free app for switching between monitors