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"As a Master Teacher in children’s church for sixteen years and a film and video producer/director for over twenty, I have to say this is a welcome merging of two mediums that have been very successful in influencing children. So what makes these “Power Puppets” so superior to the cotton (or straw)-headed ninny-muggins of the past? One word – interactive

Imagine, for example, a puppet on screen welcoming first time visitors, calling them by name and commenting on their Saints’ jersey or their sweet Adidas tennis shoes. As a teacher I no longer have to be behind a curtain or stage, but I can be where I can see the kids and interact with them. Now, I’ve got their full attention and can drive home the points of the lesson, lead them in scripture memorization or just play a game with them.

Plus, in the puppet skits of old the backdrop was a lovely black curtain that screamed, “You’re getting sleepy!” Now with digital puppetry, the backgrounds can change with the push of a button. Oh sure it’s just eye candy, but if it helps keep this generation focused on our message, then I believe we should be doing a lot more of it. Hats off to the big idea from Little Mountain!"

--- Dean Wilson
Master Teacher / Producer / Director



"The adults and kids in the room went wild the first time they saw it. They love it! It has set our program apart from any one else. I would definitley recommend your puppets!"

--- Jeff York
Children's Pastor, FL

Power Puppets is an interactive digital puppetry solution for churches, classrooms, libraries and "THethemeparks.