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These applications run on a computer (pc) in a standard hi-definition format delivered to a tv or switcher. The characters have all been programmed to use an XBox 360 game controller for function and all are set up to be similar to each other. All of the characters will use the R2 button to "talk" and basic movements will use the left joystick. "Accent moves" use the other buttons.

Just like any puppet, you will need to provide the voice. Whether through a microphone in a PA or through your tv, it is important for the audio to come across as though the character is doing all of the talking.

Little Mountain can provide a "plug-and-play" all inclusive package, ready to work, that consists of a tv, pc computer and will mount right onto your wall. (Call for details)

If you want to use your own hardware, there are some minimum required specs you will need:

Minimum Requirements:
720p or better tv (60hz @ 1280 recommended)
Open GL compatible video card (1gig meg recommended)

XBox 360 game controller for PC used through a computer (Wireless recommended)
Microphone audio setup for voice