We were asked to lead the final design, fabrication and installation of interiors after this new kid’s wing had already broken ground and was moving quickly. Expanding on the basics of what the architect had already developed, we pushed for modern and colorful spaces for the overall feel of this new children’s area. This was captured using large murals of modern shapes and subtle West Texas outdoors elements. One of the most important things we add value with our customers is getting everyone in agreement and on the same page moving forward with their project. Our design visuals and our approval process ensure a quality finish to the project.

“Massive tree” was in order for the punch of this new kid’s lobby. Our challenge right away was getting everyone to agree on what style of tree they wanted for this area. After many conceptual ideas for this we settled somewhere between a traditional “real” tree look and a modern shaped tree. We started with layered inner-lit slivers of stylized leaves to actually using true silk oak leaf bunches. The trunk was left a bit modern styled while adding a hint of printed bark to keep with the “real” tree look.

They wanted the elementary and 5th and 6th grade spaces to be a bit different from each other. It needed to be more age specific as the ages moved up. Grays and a single use pop of color seemed right for this older kid’s area. This space is a bit grungy, lots of rear lit lighting and frosted acrylic divider panels. This all comes together on a set of custom-built break out booths. The massive wall logo and faux metal x-braces were printed directly on plywood sheets stacked up in layers with of course color changing led lighting behind them. This really made this area very custom and one of a kind for the pre-teens.

If you’re ever in the Texas Aggies area go check it out! They are a really solid group of people with a great church. We are so proud to have been a part of their growth! Christ Church 4201 State Highway 6 S, College Station, TX 77845