"We asked Think Little to create a unique design for us keeping our eclectic theme in mind. The Southwest Americana elements brought in a cleaner, contemporary look, but it still kept to the Peppers brand and feel. We couldn't be more pleased!"
Rick McFeely
Peppers Restaurant
"The biggest thing I was impressed with was how easy Think Little was to work with and how fast they were able to make the project happen. Think Little's part in our design was the smoothest part in our whole project. You guys did it right the first time!"
Matt McClure
Student Pastor
"I could not have asked for a better partnership than we had with Think Little. They were professional, easy to work with, and willing to change anything to make sure we were totally happy with the end result... The church was amazed at the design and how welcoming it was for new families..."
Bev Kruger | First Free Evangelical
Children's Director
"Think Little has the unique talent of being able to build on the ideas we presented to them. They also had plenty of new ideas to share and were willing to work within our budget constraints."
Kirk Denny | Project Director
Blue Springs Christian
"I consider myself a creative person. Working with Think Little was truly a great experience. They harness your concepts and raise the volume to arrive at an environment that goes way beyond expectations. I highly recommend them!"
Todd Parr | First Baptist, Broken Arrow
Ministry Pastor
"Richard Carver and his team at Think Little took our ordinary plans and pushed them through to EXTRAordinary. Their involvement with our project provided the elements that set our facility apart from others - a magnet and drawing card for students!"
Scott Sauls | Farmington Heights
Administrative Pastor
"Bible Land is just that! The moment the children enter the rooms they are on an adventure through the Bible. Think Little helped us capture our dreams and make them reality. It is such a joy to see kids having fun and experiencing God's word each week."
Joseph Tvaroch | Mt Paran Church
"We wanted to make children a focus. And watching the kids move into the space for the very first time, seeing their eyes and excitement - we haven't seen that kind of excitement in our children in a long time."
Amy Garner | FUMC Houston
Children's Pastor
"Everything was done with excellence and incredible creativity. Our church has already grown 20% in only 2 months since they finished their work."
Dan Adkins | Discover Church
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