It is always such a joy to have a church leader that is so eager and on top of things! Cynthia Young at Ridgepoint Church was one of the best clients we have had the privilege to work with. We even kidded around the office how we wanted to hire her for ourselves!

This was a fun, modern and colorful expansion for their kids and youth areas. The main spacious lobby screamed for some sort of giant mobile sculpture. We played off the arrows in their main church logo and created colorful floating panels pointing towards heaven. We assumed that’s why they had arrows in their logo. Oh, maybe they were points of a ridge? Who knows? Our design team made twisted aluminum rails that guide you down the hallways. The look for the nursery areas was centered around soft colors, stylized animals, and geometric patterns. We created large letters to differentiate the various sections of the building and assist visitors in finding their way around. These were accented with subtle spot varnish patterns that gleam as you walk by them. A fun challenge was getting printed items to match pre-painted items perfectly when we showed up for install.

The style for the youth area was made up of textured grays and pops of orange. One of our favorite features was an eight-foot animated led wall logo saying, “You belong here”. Printed wood layered up with spot varnish so thick it looked like standing water helped reflect the over 100 LED lights. There were unique custom built breakout booths with multiple wood colors and cnc cut divider panels all built in our shop.
By using lots of patterns in white with pops of orange we created a cafe area that was bright and inviting. Our team always works closely with the cafe staff and this was no exception. Coffee people know what they want. These areas seem to be the heart of a church nowadays. After many renditions we finagled this to exactly what fit their needs and then some.

It was a joy for us to be a part of this church and look forward to seeing the growth from their investment.