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Let’s Talk Tech: Live Streaming

As we all know, the world is having to resort to the internet for most all communication and collaboration. This concept is easy enough to grasp, but it’s harder to carry out. Now is the time to be tech savvy! We have put together a group of practical resources all about how to be tech savvy and navigate the live stream experience. Check them out! 

“One big question I’m getting from pastors and church communication leaders is the question of live streaming versus pre-taping.”

“Among the many ramifications about the spread of COVID-19 is a sudden need for churches everywhere to rethink their Sunday services, moving from a physical to an online gathering for a season.”

“In this article, we’ll share how churches can use online streaming platforms to learn how to live stream church service.”

This is a helpful and easy to understand video on how to live stream:

“Here, we’re going to unpack the basic tools and principles that will help you make the best decision for your church—one which maximizes your ministry impact and keeps your congregation as physically safe as possible.”

“This is the Moment for Christian Broadcasters to Rise Up”

Let us know if these resources help! Our goal is to serve you in this time.

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