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Stepping Back Into Your Building

Some states are getting close to making a return to normalcy, this means stepping back into our churches. (Woo!) Although the idea of being able to go back to church is exciting, let’s make sure we do it right. There are some traps we can fall into as we attempt to return to the way things used to be.

We are all facing new times and new challenges. What once was normal, is now a thing of the past. Our goal must be to embrace this new, modified version of normal, and welcome the next chapter with open arms. Here are a few helpful blogs that might encourage you on your journey.

Some Tips from Carey Nieuwhof for our “New Normal”:
“The biggest mistake most leaders will make is the emotional rush to get back into a facility, to see everyone again, to assemble their teams and get back to ‘normal’, they’ll re-embrace a model of ministry designed to reach a world that no longer exists.”

Inspirational advice from Phil Cooke:
“Why I urge churches to work toward becoming the classic ‘third place’ behind the home and office. That’s the famous Starbucks strategy – to be the 3rd place beyond home and office where people want to gather or meet. And that place can be created in a variety of ways.”

A practical checklist for re-opening your doors:
“This guide is designed to help you through various points of consideration as your church implements new methods, policies and procedures. It specifically focuses on two core areas, the practical and the personal.”


We are SO excited to be able to bring our people back to our houses of worship. We hope that some of these tips can help you and your staff ensure a smooth transition back to this ‘new’ normal.

We’d love to hear from you! What other steps have you taken? What obstacles have you had to overcome during these interesting times? Until next time, stay safe & positive in our Father’s love!

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